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«Save Turtles With Solar Energy» ($10,000) – ASVO & ACESOLAR

Summary of Pura Vida Cause

The activities of human beings such as pollution and bad fishing practices have a great influence on climate change in the world. Affecting, the ecosystem and therefore currently 5 species of 7 sea turtles that arrives in Costa Rica are in danger of extinction.

Faced with this problematic United Nations proposed the objective of sustainable development (ODS) for 2025, number 14, to achieve the conversation of marine life. Due to the problematic and ODS, ASVO has generated a program for the conservation of endangered sea turtles in protected areas, beaches, communities of Costa Rica. However, in one of its headquarters, Playa Buena Vista in Guanacaste, they do not have access to electricity and communication, due to the remoteness of the area and thunderstorms. This problem is affecting the power to generate conservation and follow-up actions of these marine species in an appropriate way.

That is why Costa Rican Solar Energy Association (ACESOLAR) together with the Foundation for the Development of Science, society, and State (FUNDECISE) intend to equip and install a photovoltaic system to cover the basic necessities of electricity, to the Buena Vista Station. The station that would benefit an average of 450 species per year and that will be friendly and sustainable with the environment.

Promoting rural indigenous community tourism for the development of a sustainable lifePromoting rural community tourism for the development of a sustainable life

Summary of Pura Vida Cause

Community located in the Yorkin Indigenous Reserve, on the shores of the La Amistad National Park on the border between Costa Rica and Panama. In this community live the indigenous Bribri population that maintains its traditions, lifestyle and indigenous legacy of the southern Caribbean of Costa Rica. The community has cocoa and banana plantations that together with tourism are its main economic activities. The disadvantages of this community are that they do not have electricity and its difficult access, because in order to reach Yorkin, it can only be done in Cayuco or a local artisanal boat or walking for several hours through the forest.

This community seeks to transmit to tourists and volunteers basic knowledge about conservation processes, harmony with nature, Bribrí indigenous culture and generation of opportunities thanks to their traditions and experiences.Blogging gives your site a voice, so let your business’ personality shine through. Choose a great image to feature in your post or add a video for extra engagement. Are you ready to get started? Simply create a new post now.

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